Welcome to my personal website, dedicated to my Triumph TR6 Petrol Injection,  Past and Present.

Even with the aerodynamics of a brick it is still my favourite TR.    Remember Nowhere’s far in a TR !!

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Hi fellow TR owners and guests, welcome to my TR6 website. My name is Dave Lewis and have been a TR6 pi enthusiast since buying my first one back in 1979. Though it has gone to another owner in the UK  in 2012, after 32 years of ownership. A full and total restoration was carried out over a 6 year period. If you are interested there is a history file and photo gallery for your to read and see more.


    This TR6 was bought on 10th.May 1997. It was intended as a future project. The condition of it was, well, what do I say, boxes of parts with a rusty rolling chassis and a few rusty panels thrown in for good measure.

The whole lot was transported to my house in a van. The guy I had bought it from had completely stripped it down with the intention of restoring it but changed his mind or he considered it an uneconomical restoration.

     In May 2001 I started to restore WNV 832 H, my sixth TR6 to be restored by myself. As I have said the body shell  that came with this TR6 was virtually non existent. The chassis was replaced using a USA one which I already had. This was in very good condition and little work was needed. It was rebuilt using the same process and standards as all my restorations. As this one was to be used as an "everyday" car here in Spain it would not be to Concours standard.  The inner body shell was originally off a 1973 Right Hand Drive model that I had acquired some time before this project, which was in this case, fortunate. The rear valance was modified to the earlier spec.

    Having just sold the house subject to contract, Maria and myself decided that we would move to Spain to live. So I had about three months to get as much done on this TR6 pi before the move. It was virtually finished prior to coming out to Spain New wiring harness is installed, petrol tank, brake servo, heater etc including the shell which was finished in Signal Red two pack paint. The shell is currently bolted on to the chassis. All new parts are ready for fitting on the TR6.

    I think rather than waffle, click this link to the photo gallery depicts the TR6 restoration prior to leaving the UK, more photos will be posted as work progresses.

Click to go to the photo album::  RHD to LHD Conversion of my TR6

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  These are photos of my current TR6 pi restoration which I started prior to leaving the UK. This was a conversion from a Right hand drive to a Left hand drive,(makes a change, doesn't it ?) A TR6  for to use more often here in Spain. The underside is treated with stone guard prior to the painting. The specification will remain (UK/European).

  April 2017 Good news, at long last  my TR6 is finally finished. It has an ITV (MOT) which will last for 4 years and now has A Spanish Historic Vehicle registration (Vehiculo Historico). It was a long winded process, it took me nearly 4 months to do the Spanish paperwork.


       Model:                  TR6 petrol injection.

       Capacity:                  2498cc

       Model Year:              1970

       Registration:             H 2555 BBF  

      Date of Registration:  17/07/1970

      Commission No:          CP 51663 '0'

      Engine No:                 CP 51726 HE

      Body Colour:           Damson (now Signal Red)

      Trim Colour:               Black      

      Cylinder Capacity:       2498 cc

      Engine bhp:               150 BHP